Workplace Burn Prevention Tips 

 May 30, 2018

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Maintaining a safe workplace is an important task for business owners. Not only to avoid hefty fines, but also to prevent workers from injuries or even death.

While threats can vary depending on the work conditions and type of labor being performed, there are some important steps for employers to take to ensure their employees understand the importance of safety and holding them accountable to those requirements.

Burns are some of the most serious types of injuries for humans to endure because they cause excruciating pain, can lead to further infection and complications and even fatalities. They are also one of the most common accidents to happen in workplaces.  At jobs where heat, flames, sparks and electrical use is constant, this threat further increases.

Here are some tips for preventing workplace burns.  

Take Inventory and Implement a Safety Plan

One of the most important ways to protect your workers is to understand the risks present in their work environment to safeguard them from possible burns. As you come up with safety procedures and rules, be sure to survey the work site and uncover potential hazards as well as rules for how employees should operate around machinery and performing their daily routines to prevent injury from occurring.

Offer Training

It’s not enough to just tell employees to be careful. It is your responsibility as the employer to also offer training on procedures so there are no questions and to follow up with refreshers as needed. It’s also a good idea to train staff on handling emergency situations. Having someone on hand who can perform CPR or dress a wound is a great way to keep catastrophes or panic from spreading.

Have a Well-stocked First Aid Kit Handy

First aid kits are critical to workplaces. While some industries are under strict mandates to keep kits fully stocked at all times, others may only occasionally use supplies provided for small occurances. It’s important to always be prepared for possible accidents. If there is a threat for burns present, don’t go unprotected. Be sure to include supplies to address a range of burn types in your first aid cabinet.

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