Worker Fatigue Comes with Serious Safety Issues 

 February 5, 2019

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When most business owners and managers sit down to talk about safety in the workplace, they’re looking at things like training, rules, and compliance with regulatory standards. This discussion should also include a review of all equipment and supplies like first aid kits as well as any issues that could be affecting performance. Worker fatigue is a big one.

The American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) Foundation is dedicated to creating a safer work environment. According to a recent study it conducted, more than half of manufacturing workers have admitted to being fatigued while on the shop floor. This presents a large problem because it puts workers and the company at risk since they are more prone to errors and mistakes when they’re tired.

As a solution, wearable technologies and other sensor-based monitors are being created to help alert workers when it’s time to stretch or break away for a rest. While they’re being created though, there are still steps that should be taken to help ensure your workers remain safe while on the job. Here are some tips to help reduce possible injuries.


Improving scheduling times should be a focus if you want to prevent workers from fatigue. Take into account an employee’s life outside of work as you create schedules. Have they worked consecutive days of long shifts? Do they have other jobs they also work after they leave the premises? Do they have a known sleep disorder? Taking these into account can help make smart choices when scheduling shifts. Be sure to also build in extra break times and more meals whenever extended shifts are necessary to combat fatigue problems.

Floor Design

For many manufacturing facilities, the layout of the floor can contribute to fatigue problems as well. Having to walk around a large area, interacting with heavy, dangerous machinery, low lit areas and even inefficient machinery layout, can all add to tiredness. Think about ways to improve machine layout to streamline operations and use anti-fatigue mats or other protections whenever available.

First Aid & Safety Protocols

One of the best ways to keep the workplace safe is to utilize training and safety protocols. Put a plan in place for all workers to follow. With quality training, protective equipment and a continued focus on working together as a team to practice safety, it is possible to tackle the issues plaguing the industry.

For those instances when an injury has occurred, you’ll need to be ready to tend to it until the emergency response arrives on the scene. A well-stocked first aid kit is going to help ensure this can happen. Don’t skimp on the essentials. Order a First Aid Cabinet for your workplace today! 

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