Winter Storm Prep – Equipment and Supplies to Stock up On 

 December 18, 2020

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Winter weather has begun affecting millions of people across the United States, and more snow and ice storms, strong winds, and power outages are likely in the coming months. If you haven’t already stocked up on winter storm supplies, don’t wait any longer.

Essentials You Should Have

Winter storms often lead to power outages, which may last anywhere from a few minutes to several days. Be prepared for the possibility of an extended power outage. 1st Aid Supplies sell flashlights and lanterns that can help you find your way around if you lose power at home or at work. They can also be helpful if you find yourself stuck while out on the road.

During a winter storm, TV and internet may be unavailable, and cellphone service may also be interrupted. A battery-powered radio can help your family or employees stay up to date on the latest information on the storm, road closures, shelters that are open, and other measures that authorities are taking to keep people safe. 

If a storm knocks out power, food in a refrigerator and freezer may not last long. If your building gets water from a well, the pump may not work. That’s why it’s important to have enough nonperishable food and water available for each person for a minimum of three days. Emergency food and water from 1st Aid Supplies can help you make sure your family or workers stay well nourished while coping with a power outage.

Winter storms can cause all sorts of injuries. Car crashes and slip and fall accidents are common. In a snowstorm, emergency responders may not be able to provide assistance right away. Make sure that your home, business, or vehicle has a fully stocked first aid kit so you will be able to treat minor injuries yourself or provide basic first aid before an ambulance arrives. First aid kits and cabinets from 1st Aid Supplies can give you confidence that you’ll be able to deal with injuries if they occur. 

Order Supplies to Prepare for Winter Storms

1st Aid Supplies offers a wide range of products that can help you get ready for severe winter weather and be prepared to respond to any problems that may arise. Take stock of the supplies you already have available and make a list of things that you need to purchase. If any of the items you currently have are damaged or worn out, replace them. Place an order with 1st Aid Supplies today.

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