Wildfire Smoke Protection for Outdoor Workers 

 July 17, 2018

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Wildfires in the United States continue to be a major threat. Each year more and more acres are burning as fires spread throughout dry terrains. The increased spread of fire is due to changes in the climate such as drier vegetation and stronger winds which are feeding flames and kindling these dangerous fires.

Just this week, areas of Montana, Washington, and California are watching wildfires spread or are under a severe watch for them.

The issue is more than just burning land, however. These fires are also ruining air quality. The more wildfires we have, the more smoke and pollution like fine particles are entering our lungs through the air we breathe each day.

For workers who must spend their days outside this becomes an even bigger issue. Especially when they are located close to an area with a wildfire burning.

To protect workers, Cal/OSHA recommends that businesses provide protective equipment such as face masks and other required respirator equipment to lessen their exposure to dangerous gases and particles in the air. Even after a fire has stopped burning risk from ashes in the air can be present so be sure that employees who work outdoors remain protected at all times.

Remember too, OSHA can issue fines for non-compliance on a per-employee basis. It’s about more than just protecting your workers from dangerous situations and workplace injuries – it’s about protecting yourself and your business from costly fines.

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