Why You Should Require Your Employees to Learn First Aid and CPR 

 May 30, 2017

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an apple with two adhesive bandages applied to it in an XBusinesses of all sizes in all industries routinely provide training for their employees. Workers learn about new processes and technologies that can help them do their jobs better. However, the areas of first aid and CPR are often overlooked, even though this training is vital to create a safe workplace. If your company does not require your employees to receive training in first aid and CPR, there are several reasons why you should.

OSHA Requires First Aid Supplies and Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates that if an infirmary, clinic, or hospital is not located near the workplace, one or more people must be trained to provide first aid. First aid supplies should be readily available at the workplace to be used by employees in an emergency.

First Aid Training Can Address Risks Your Employees Face on the Job

If you require first aid classes at your workplace, you can have the training tailored to your specific industry. A construction site has different needs than a factory or a school. People are exposed to different hazards and can sustain different types of injuries. A first aid class at your workplace can specifically address common types of injuries that may occur at your type of business so your employees will know how to respond.

First Aid and CPR Training Can Save Your Business Money

Requiring all employees to receive first aid and CPR training is a significant financial investment, but it can actually save your company money in the long run. Making employees more aware of hazards they may encounter on the job can lead them to become more vigilant, which can reduce the rate of injures. That means fewer workers will need to take time off to recover, so you will not lose productivity. You can also avoid worker’s compensation claims if your employees know how to avoid injuries.

First Aid and CPR Training Can Create a Positive Work Environment

Requiring first aid and CPR training can boost employee morale. It shows that your business is committed to the health and safety of your employees. That can lead to a more positive work environment for everyone.

Order a First Aid Kit, CPR Supplies, and Training Materials

1st Aid Supplies sells first aid kits and cabinets and CPR supplies that should be available at any workplace. An injury can occur at any time, and your employees should be trained so they will know how to respond. 1st Aid Supplies offers training materials that you can use to educate your employees on first aid and CPR. Order a first aid kit, CPR supplies, and training materials today.

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