Why You Should Keep a Car First Aid Kit 

 January 29, 2018

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Emergencies can happen in a split second – oftentimes when you least expect it. The best way to react in these situations is with a plan. When you are prepared you’re more likely to remain calm and be an asset for those injured rather than go to into shock or create a larger issue.

First aid kits are essential in disaster planning because they provide the necessary supplies to address all types of injuries and this will keep victims safe until emergency personnel arrive.

Car First Aid Kits

You’ll likely see first aid cabinets in classrooms, buildings and maybe even homes – but since so many incidents occur outside of the home, it’s best to prepare for those in advance. A car first aid kit will come in handy when immediate attention is needed and in cases when getting professional help isn’t possible.

Imagine for a moment that you’re out riding bikes in a park trail with your child on spring day. They then accidently fall and scrape their knee enough where it’s bleeding and needs a bandage. Rather than leave the wound unattended and risk infection or further pain, a first aid kit in the car can provide relief. You could have either taken it along with you on your walk or have access to it as soon as you’re back at the car.

In larger incidents, like crashes, a first aid kit can also help someone in distress. Everything from disposable gloves to gauze can keep a wound covered and pressure applied before emergency personal arrive.

In other instances, a first aid kit with sunscreen or insect repellant will mean being able to enjoy a stroll on a hot day along your travels or a night time look up at the stars without putting yourself at risk because you were not carrying proper protection.

Building a First Aid Kit for Your Car

While some first aid kits are sold in an already filled case of essentials, you can also build a personalized kit based on your own needs and store in a plastic container or waterproof pouch for convenience. These options are easy to store and transport with you wherever you may go.

Here are additional supplies to keep in your car first aid kit that may come in handy in emergencies while on the go:


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