Why You Need Antiseptic for Your First Aid Kit 

 April 21, 2022

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A first aid kit should contain a variety of supplies that can be used to treat cuts and other common injuries. A kit should include bandages in a range of sizes, as well as antiseptic and other essential items.

Why Antiseptic Is Important

Antiseptic contains chemicals that can kill microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi, or prevent them from growing. Antiseptic can be applied to intact skin, wounds, and mucous membranes. Several types of antiseptic, including alcohol and peroxide, can be applied to a minor cut, scrape, or burn to reduce the risk of infection. Some types of antiseptic can be used to clean the skin if soap is not available.

When someone gets injured, the sooner that individual receives first aid treatment, the lower the risk of infection and other complications. If a person gets cut or burned and the wound is not treated quickly, it can become contaminated with bacteria or other microorganisms.

An infected wound can become a serious issue that can lead to other medical problems. Cleaning a wound immediately with antiseptic and then covering it with a bandage can prevent infection and promote healing.

Make Sure That First Aid Supplies Are Always Available

An accident can happen at home, at work, or in the car, so it’s essential to be prepared, no matter where you are. You should have a first aid kit with essential supplies nearby at all times so that you will be able to respond quickly if you or someone else gets injured.

Your first aid kit should contain bandages in various sizes, as well as antiseptic, first aid cream, gauze, compresses, hot and cold packs, over-the-counter pain relievers, and other supplies that you might need to treat a minor injury. 1st Aid Supplies sells these items and much more.

You can purchase a fully stocked first aid kit for your home or car or buy a larger first aid cabinet for your business. Our kits and cabinets include the products that you will need to respond quickly to a wide range of injuries.

If you don’t currently have essential supplies on hand, order one or more first aid kits or cabinets from 1st Aid Supplies. If you already have one or more first aid kits, remove expired items and make sure that you have enough of each type of product. If you need refills, order them from 1st Aid Supplies today.

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