Why You Need a New Year’s Eve First Aid Kit 

 December 26, 2017

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In less than a week we’ll be celebrating the end of another year and the entrance of 2018. These celebrations are a time to let go of everything that’s hung over our heads and look forward to the possibilities of the New Year. While we’re celebrating, there are factors that make accidents more likely.  Sipping on alcoholic beverages, large crowds, and other factors come into play on this day. If you’re hosting this year, here’s why you should have a first aid kit on hand at your New Year’s Eve party.  


Slips and falls are more common when we have impaired judgement. Or sometimes, a new shoe can even cause feet to blister. Having bandages and other items handy is wise to help with quickly covering up a scrape or cut. Some people also like to shoot fireworks on New Year’s Eve and this can have a number of dangers. In the event that a burn happens, you’ll want to be ready.


Sometimes, overdoing it with drinking can induce nausea. The last thing you’ll want to do when you should be celebrating the countdown to the New Year is cleaning someone else’s vomit.  Hopefully they make it to the bathroom on time to do this. But in case they don’t. you’ll want to have some bodily fluid clean-up supplies on hand like gloves and safe disposal bags to get rid of the mess as quickly and safely as possible.

The Morning After

And don’t forget the morning after. Waking up after a great night of partying isn’t without its share of headaches for both you and the guests who stayed the night to sober up. Your first aid kit should be stocked full with plenty of Advil or other over-the-counter pain relievers to help make it through the next day.

1st Aid Supplies has everything you need to keep your first aid kit fully stocked. Being prepared with the proper first aid supplies for any situation is more than just a good idea – it can literally save a life.   The end of 2017 celebrations are fast approaching. Browse our categories below and find everything you need to be prepared and be safe. Stock up today!

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