Where Should First Aid Kits Be Stored In the Workplace? 

 September 12, 2017

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a first aid kit on a wall Being in an emergency is scary. Typically these incidents come along unannounced, and require immediate attention. For workplaces, having a plan in place to tackle emergencies efficiently is vital. OSHA requires training to ensure staff is knowledgeable on how to handle emergencies when they arise.

But when the actual emergency occurs, it can be hard for people to think straight and in all the chaos, forget all together what needs to be done. For this reason, it's more important than ever to ensure a first aid kit is located somewhere quickly accessible and known to all.

Federal Requirements

Depending on the workplace environment and location, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has varying requirements that employers must meet. Typically these rules revolve around the risks and specifics of each job. Since office spaces and construction workers for example have different emergency possibilities, training around those likely scenarios and supplies to address them are mandated.


In addition to employee training and offering supplies and procedures specific to the workplace, there is also a requirement for the location of first aid supplies. The rules state specifically that a first aid kit that is properly stocked with supplies should be “readily available” and easily accessible when emergencies occur. Like other requirements, this can depend on the type of work being done. For set locations there may be a dedicated area that is quickest for people to get to where the first aid kit is kept, but from those who drive company vehicles or work out in the field on different job sites, the kit will need to be taken along in the car for example.

Go over in advance with staff where these items will be stored and what procedures they should follow to remain compliant in the event of a disaster.


Failing to be compliant with the various requirements for job site safety, first aid kits and training, can result in hefty fines. Understanding what must be logged and any additional state requirements is key to avoiding liability issues.

1stAidSupplies.com offers all the tools and supplies you’ll need to keep your first aid kit stocked and compliant. Training and equipment for emergencies is also offered —and with fast shipping. Don’t let an emergency scare happen. Get prepared now.

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