When and How to Use an Inflatable Splint 

 June 26, 2017

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An illustration of a man using a set of crutches.When someone suffers a broken bone, it is important to immobilize the limb to prevent further injury until the person is able to be transported to a hospital. A fractured limb can be immobilized using an inflatable splint.

What Is an Inflatable Splint?

An inflatable splint is a plastic piece of first aid equipment that is premade in the shape of a limb. It is used to hold the bones in an immobile position until the patient is able to be taken to a hospital to have the bone set and put in a cast. An inflatable splint is only used to immobilize a broken limb temporarily. It is less secure than a plaster or fiberglass splint.

How Does an Inflatable Splint Work?

An inflatable splint is flat when it is not being used. It is inflated by blowing into a valve and then closing it. It is not necessary to use mechanical means to inflate the splint. Doing so could even be dangerous because the splint could be over-inflated and become too tight.

Pros and Cons of Inflatable Splints

An inflatable splint is easy to fit in a standard first aid kit when it is not inflated. It can be fit around an injured limb faster than some other types of splints. After it has been deflated, an inflatable splint is easy to remove.

An inflatable splint does have some drawbacks. It can be punctured and deflated, and the plastic may be uncomfortable next to the skin. Talcum powder can be used to prevent the plastic in the splint from sticking to the skin.

Order Inflatable Splints for Your First Aid Kit

A blue pouch printed with the words Air Splints.An inflatable splint is an effective way to immobilize a fractured limb in an emergency. It can keep a broken arm, leg, wrist, or ankle in a secure position to prevent further damage until the patient can be transported to the hospital. An inflatable splint should be included in a first aid kit at a school, business, construction site, or anywhere else where a broken limb may occur.

1st Aid Supplies offers a wide range of supplies that can be used in an emergency, including inflatable splints. Our kit contains six inflatable splints, including ones for a half arm, full arm, half leg, full leg, foot and ankle, and hand and wrist. They can easily be put in place to secure a limb. The inflatable splint is simply unzipped, put around the limb, zipped up, and inflated.

Order a set of inflatable splints for your first aid kit or cabinet from 1st Aid Supplies today.

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