When and How to Change the Dressing on a Wound 

 August 22, 2017

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If you have a wound, it is important to keep it covered with a sterile and moist dressing to prevent infection and speed up the healing process. Keeping a wound covered can also prevent further injuries and help reduce the risk of scarring. A moist environment can help new skin cells grow to repair the damaged skin and can help white blood cells fight bacteria to prevent infection. 

When to Change a Wound Dressing

You should keep an eye on your wound and check the condition of the dressing regularly. If you have an open wound, the dressing will probably become filled with fluid within a few hours. It will need to be changed to prevent infection. 

You should change the dressing before fluid from the wound soaks through the gauze because that can make it difficult to peel the gauze off the wound. If the gauze is stuck to the wound, you can pull off newly formed skin when you remove the bandage. 

If the gauze is loosened, it may be because it is filled with fluid and needs to be replaced. If the wound does not release a lot of fluid, you can change the dressing every time you bathe.

How to Change a Dressing

Gather all of the supplies you will need to change the dressing, including a new dressing and gauze, wound cleanser, antibiotic ointment, and disposable gloves. Wash your hands and wear disposable gloves to keep bacteria from getting into the wound. 

When changing the dressing on a wound, you need to be careful not to reopen the wound and cause yourself further injury. Carefully remove the old dressing. If it is stuck, use some wound cleanser to help peel it off. 

Dispose of the old dressing, clean the wound with cleanser, and apply antibiotic ointment. Look for signs of infection, including odor, redness, or an excessive amount of fluid. Apply a new dressing and keep it as clean and dry as possible. 

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