What’s In a First Aid Box? 

 March 21, 2018

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First aid kits are very important in emergency situations and for routine care in any environment. To take it a step further and ensure proper medical treatment is available in greater emergency scenarios, there are first aid boxes. These can be cabinets that are hung on a wall or metal boxes that are transported to job sites for example, and contain an assortment of critical supplies.

The expansiveness of the contents included in first aid boxes can vary. Some kits come prefilled and ready to go, or you can build the kit per your specific needs.

In some workplaces there are regulations and rules around what must be included in a first aid kit and there are recommendations in place for families from the Red Cross. Be sure to take inventory of the risks and common ailments in your situation so you can be best prepared.

Here is a look at a very basic level at some of what’s usually included in a standard first aid box.

– Bandages – Treat cuts, lacerations and other skin wounds immediately to prevent infection and keep them covered to faster healing. Butterfly bandages and elastic strip bandages in a varied sizes will cover most types of injuries. Larger wounds may call for gauze and compresses. You’ll also want to consider water resistant and metal detectable bandages if your environment requires it.

– Burn dressings and creams- Burns are a very common occurrence and can be treated quickly with the right supplies. Sooth pain and stop infection.

– Sanitation – It’s important to protect those treating wounds from infection as well. Keep your kit stocked with disposable bags, medical latex gloves and sanitizing sprays.

– Eye Care – The chances of getting a small particle in your eye are high. Having an eye wash on hand can help with emergency clearing and flushing in these situations.

– Tools – Medical instruments that assist with emergency care are critical to completing the task. Be sure your kit includes scissors, tweezers, thermometers and other necessary tools.

– Medications – Over-the-counter medicines individually packaged to address anyone who is feeling is important for business operations and ease someone feeling under the weather.  

Don’t Forget to Restock!

Use of the supplies contained within a first aid box make it essential to routinely check and restock on items so there is never an emergency that cannot be addressed. It’s also important to check for product expiration dates and toss anything that is no longer useful and order new supplies to replace them.

1st Aid Supplies has plastic and metal first aid boxes, cabinets in various sizes and a large quantity of supplies to keep your first aid box fully stocked, compliant and ready to address emergencies as they happen. Shop today! 

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