What to Put in Your Emergency Car Kit 

 June 4, 2020

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Nothing beats hitting the open road during the warm summer months and enjoying outdoor recreation. With COVID-19 rules still in place, this outdoor time is happening more frequently than in recent years. If you’re planning an outing with the family or just taking a long drive somewhere far, you need to be prepared for any emergency. Not just a fender bender, but things like bee stings, sunburn, and even small cuts can happen. Carrying an emergency first aid kit in your car will bring peace of mind knowing you have what you need to not let a little accident falter your plans. 

Grab a pen and paper, Here are some supplies you’ll want to gather and put into a safe, transportable bag or case next time you head out.. 

Vehicle Necessities 

Before you pack the first aid supplies you’ll need. Be sure you also have things on hand to address vehicle bumps in the road. Some extra engine oil, coolant and a jack and spare tire are just the very basics to keep you going should your car start showing signs of an issue.

Bandages & Gauze

You’ll need these supplies to quickly stop bleeding and protect a wound from infection. Be sure your kit had different sizes and a decent supply of gauze, tape, bandages and other wraps.

Ointments & Other Medication

In order to protect the skin, kill germs and even stop a headache or allergies in their tracks you’ll want to stock your kit with appropriate antibiotic ointments as well as soon over the counter medications that address basic ailments. 

Scissors, Tweezers & Gloves

Be sure to also keep some supplies on hand that will help the person addressing the wounds. Latex gloves, scissors, and tweezers as well as flashlight and batteries are the perfect options. 

Sanitation Supplie

With COVID-19 and concerns over germ contact growing, it’s more important than ever to keep antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers on hand everywhere you go. Even if you can’t wash your hands you can still use alcohol in the sanitizing gel to kill germs and protect from viruses spreading.

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