What Are the Best Emergency Survival Foods? 

 March 13, 2023

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A natural disaster, such as a tornado, earthquake, or hurricane, can leave you stranded at home for days without electricity. If that happens, you and your family will have to make do until rescue workers can reach you. Emergency survival foods can help you get through that difficult time until help arrives.

How to Choose the Right Emergency Survival Foods

It’s important to consume plenty of calories so you will have enough energy to get by until first responders arrive. If your house gets damaged or people need to be rescued, you might need even more calories than you usually do. 

That’s why it’s critical to find high-calorie emergency foods. You should also check the nutritional content of survival foods and look for ones that contain sufficient amounts of vital nutrients to meet your family’s needs.  

If you lose power and you don’t have a generator, foods that require refrigeration can quickly go bad. If you have food that needs to be cooked and your stove isn’t working, that will also be a challenge. 

You might be able to start a fire, but don’t count on it. You might be unable to find a suitable location, or your house might be so damaged by water that you can’t find any dry fuel to burn.

Look for nonperishable emergency survival foods that don’t require any preparation. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens, you and your family will have something to eat.

Emergency survival food should also have a long shelf life. You want to be confident that it will last and will be in good condition if a disaster occurs months or years in the future.

Where to Find Quality Emergency Survival Foods

1st Aid Supplies sells high-calorie food bars that can help keep you and your loved ones going during a stressful time until help arrives. Our survival food bars are packaged individually and ready to consume without any prep work. When stored properly, they can last for years.

Order Survival Foods So You’ll Be Prepared for an Emergency

A natural disaster can leave you stranded at home without electricity, possibly for several days, or even longer. If you find yourself in that situation, nonperishable emergency food can help you and your family survive. There’s no way to predict when a disaster might strike. That’s why it’s essential to have supplies available and ready to use at a moment’s notice. Order emergency survival foods online from 1st Aid Supplies today.

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