Warehouse Safety Tips 

 August 28, 2018

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Across the U.S., warehouses play an important role in many industries. These locations maintain, produce and process products and goods and they also employ a large part of the workforce. Warehouses can also be extremely dangerous. The mix of heavy machinery, fast-paced work environment, and interaction between man and machine make safety and emergency prep important.

Here are some basic warehouse safety tips to keep anyone walking the floor at your facility well protected.

Always Use Personal Protection Equipment

Personal protection equipment (PPE) plays a vital role in the factory and warehouse setting. Protecting employee’s from injuries on the job and keeping visitors safe should be a primary focus. Various solutions from goggles to protect eyes, to hard hats, dust masks, back braces and so much more can be used. Depending on specific conditions at your worksite requirements for protective equipment may change. In some industries use of this safety gear is also critical to meet compliance standards.

Never Skimp on Training

A well-trained staff won’t just be safer, they’ll also work more efficiently on the job and be satisfied. This will show in their work. Feeling as though they are protected and their best interests are being kept in mind creates a workforce that's empowered with the skills to perform the job. By boosting employee morale, productivity levels, and even the bottom line will benefit.

Discover Specific Risks

To protect workers and employers from dangerous workplaces and the occurrence of injury or fatalities, OSHA has standards in place for the operation of machinery, necessary signage and other standards for warehouses to meet. If the use of forklifts carrying heavy pallets or containers throughout your warehouse is frequent for example, there are requirements for safe operation. Or, if repetitive motion and heavy lifting are part of the daily routine, there should be proper breaks so employees can perform stretching routines and taught proper lifting techniques to prevent issues. 

Keep First Aid Cabinet Stocked

In the event of an injury – even a small cut or scrape, it’s important that immediate attention is given. To do so, you need first aid supplies in a convenient location and stocked with essential supplies to meet whatever scenario may happen at your location. The importance of warehouse safety cannot be understated. At 1stAidSupplies we have everything you need to keep production moving and safety top of mind. 

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