Types of First Aid: Covering Minor & Major Medical Situations 

 March 28, 2018

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Being prepared in an emergency situation is extremely important. Since injuries, illness and disasters can happen at anytime and anywhere, it’s important to have the skills and supplies on hand to address the unexpected. That’s where first aid kits come in. Even if there isn’t a way to be absolutely sure you’ll be prepared, pre-planning will help keep you calm and in control in these intense situations.

Types of first aid and level of skills can vary. From basic first aid to more major procedures, understanding how to address differing complications can be the difference between life and death in some scenarios.

Basic First Aid

Minor events like cuts, scrapes and even small burns can be addressed with a basic first aid kit and without the need for any  specialized training. Having a good set of supplies on hand such as ointments, gauze, bandages and wraps is important however to properly address injuries. 

First Aid Classes

Workplace training and first aid classes are great ways to become informed and learn necessary skills for more detailed emergency aid. During larger incidents such as bone breakage or dislocation or when choking is occuring, there is more know-how to address them appropriately. For example, knowing not to move someone to further increase their injury if something is broken or how to properly perform the Heimlich maneuver on someone who is choking and unable to breathe, takes a set of skills and prior instruction to master.

Major Medical Situations

In instances where major trauma is involved and there are people who are critically injured or when someone is undergoing cardiac arrest, having advanced skillsets can go a long way in keeping the injury contained until emergency response arrives. With these skills it's possible to stop catastrophic bleeding or even CPR training will help to get blood flowing properly and stop brain damage or even death.

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