Try Not to Lose First Aid Skills, Practice Regularly 

 August 17, 2020

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First aid training is an essential skill for anyone to possess. You never know when someone will require medical attention or assistance in an emergency situation. Whether you’re at your job or out running errands, many of these necessary skills can be used to save a life or stop a situation from turning into a catastrophe. 

In many workplaces, first aid skills are also a requirement for staff . Proper training in first aid skills and availability of necessary first aid supplies are regulated by industries such as OSHA. 

The best way to conquer emergency situations is to be prepared. Here at are 3 reasons to keep these skills refreshed:

Maintain Basic Skills

Not only does this preparation help in situations that could otherwise be detrimental to a business or even a life, they also help to promote a safe workplace. 

In addition to on-the-job training when a hire is first on-boarded, it’s important to also offer on-going skills refreshing. As with anything else, not using the skills can result in forgetting important steps needed to administer the help successfully. Since you never know when you’ll need it, staying refreshed on the skills is key. 

Get up to Date Procedures

Oftentimes there will be updates to steps within first aid procedures. Whether to protect individuals for other compliance reasons. If you do not keep up to date with the latest rules and regulations for your industry and for first aid services it can be easy to miss the mark. 

Stay in Compliance 

The other reason you’ll want to maintain fresh skills in first aid, is because it might be necessary for compliance within your industry. It helps to understand what mandates are in place so that you are never at risk for fines. 

1st Aid Supplies has an extensive inventory of first aid and medical supplies to choose from.  Bandages, pain relieving tablets, gauze, ointment, oxygen–whatever you need, we make replenishing your inventory as easy as can be. Any order can be customized to meet your needs.

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