Treating Burns with a First Aid Kit 

 October 2, 2017

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Emergencies in the home and at the workplace happen more often than we think. Tripping and falling, or accidently getting too close to something hot and being burned, is pretty common. The best way to be prepared is with a first aid kit.

One of the more serious of injuries that can occur and will need attention from staff, depending on severity, are burns. Small burns can be treated on the spot while more detrimental burns require medical attention. Here are some tips for treating burns with a first aid kit.

Stop the Burn

First things first, when a burn happens you need to stop it from getting worse. That means removing it from the heat source and then cooling it down with cold running water. If there is no access to water at the time, a water-based, water-soluble gel can work to draw out the heat and cool the skin while at the same time protecting the wound from any airborne contamination.

Apply Ointment

Soothing the burn is the next step in addressing the wound. Your kit should have the right ointments to care for burns like antiseptic sprays and antibiotic treatments that provide immediate, anesthetic care for minor burns. Keeping proper dressings in your first aid kit to cool the burn can prevent tissue damage or infection.


To prevent further infection from exposure of a burn wound, you should wrap it with gauze and bandages after you have treated it. All first aid kits should include gauze which is the easiest way to wrap and cover wounds or hold dressings in place.

Without the right first aid supplies however, you might still find yourself in a pinch during an emergency. That’s why it’s important to plan and have a first aid kit on hand filled with the proper supplies for your work environment’s most likely incidents. Someone who works in a science lab for example may need different items from someone operating a forklift.

1staidsupplies.com offers solutions for burn care so your employees will be prepared in case of a small emergency or until medical attention can be given. Browse our burn care category for more information.

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