Training for Safety & Disasters in the Workplace 

 November 27, 2017

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Safety preparedness is important for any workplace.  While there are differing rules and regulations for some workplaces, having people trained in how to best handle emergency situations is critical across the board.

If you’re an office for example, you might want to have people trained in CPR or the Heimlich maneuver and perhaps familiarize them with fire drill steps. In a construction setting however, those tactics could change drastically based on the heavy machinery and greater risk of injury in that setting.

Familiarize yourself with some of the most common first aid requirements and how you can get them into your workplace.

Disaster Preparedness

Disasters – both natural and manmade, are difficult to prevent because they happen when we least expect it. The good news is that by planning ahead and offering training, your workplace can be ready with a clear and actionable plan to thwart additional dangers.

Imagine there is an actual fire burning in the building, people who don’t have an action plan might panic and start running through the halls looking for a way out, trampling and injuring others while they do. This can be avoided with a practiced approach on how to exit the building and where to wait until fire fighters arrive. The same is true during an earthquake or other catastrophe.

CPR & First Aid

Once there are people injured from an incident, they’ll need immediate attention – some before emergency medical help can even make it there. In these instances, the rate at which proper attention is given can mean life or death. Having a first aid kit fully stocked with items to address emergencies is important. In addition to supplies, you’ll have to have capable people on hand who can administer CPR or use the first aid kit properly. This is where training classes are critical.

OSHA Standards & Training

OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, assists in ensuring workplaces are getting the training they need and offers classes, CDs and videos for workplaces to get compliant with laws and have a plan in place for disasters.

Head over to 1stAidSupplies.com where we have many resources and information outlets as well including training for first aid, CPR, and OSHA classes for you to explore. 

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