Top 3 First Aid Cabinet Supplies to Keep in Stock 

 April 7, 2020

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First aid cabinets are important in the home and workplace. Anywhere there is the possibility of an injury or emergency, there is a need to pre-plan and have an emergency response ready. Cabinets can be hung on the wall in a central location and store important supplies for easy access and use. They typically include shelves and can vary in which supplies are included depending on the workplace or labor law requirements.

Here are the top 3 first aid cabinet supplied you should always have in stock.


This can expand across a wide variety of different bandage styles and types. From the most basic plastic band to cover small cuts and scrapes – to easily detectable blue metal bandages in food prep environments as well as gauze, wraps and all other supplies. These are vital in emergency situations to stop blood loss and keep the environment as sterile as possible.

Over the Counter Meds

No matter what industry or requirements you first aid cabinet has, one thing everyone will need at some point is over the counter medicines. Pain relievers, fever reduces and other medications can come in handy employees are feeling slightly unwell or to ease discomfort from headaches and allergies- and so much more. Induvial packets are a great way to make the meds ways to dispense and replenish.

Antiseptic Wipes

Keeping antiseptic wipes, sprays and gels on hand is key for killing germs and sanitizing the skin or the surface it’s applied to. This is critical to stop the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of diseases. With COVID-19 underway and health concerns greater than ever, keeping this key item in your first aid cabinet is essential.

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