Tips to Improve Workplace Safety 

 July 9, 2019

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Workplace injuries can lead to medical bills, decreased productivity, lost profits, and in some cases, damage to a company’s reputation. Creating a culture in which safety is taken seriously and where all workers feel comfortable discussing their concerns can prevent accidents.

Make Safety a Priority

Workplace safety should always be top of mind, especially in dangerous industries, such as construction, manufacturing, mining, and utilities. Workers should be trained on proper procedures, and signs should be posted to provide any necessary warnings. Supervisors should check to make sure employees are following procedures. Equipment should be inspected frequently, and repairs should be made quickly when needed.

Identify Safety Hazards at Your Workplace

Specific concerns vary by industry and job site. An occupational medicine clinician can help you identify problems that could occur in your workplaces, such as slip-and-fall accidents, repetitive motion injuries, cuts, or burns. Then you can identify strategies to prevent injuries, such as increasing training and inspections, giving workers breaks to stretch, and providing protective equipment and warning signs. Often simple steps, such as keeping work areas free of clutter and debris, sweeping floors, and keeping cords out of the way can prevent accidents.

Give Employees the Right Equipment

Sometimes injuries occur because workers are not provided with the appropriate tools to do their jobs safely. Make sure that your employees have the right equipment for their jobs and that it is ergonomically designed to prevent injuries. If workers complain that they struggle to perform their work or that they experience pain or soreness, you may need to replace their tools with ones that are more appropriate for the tasks required. Employees who work with hazardous substances should be provided with equipment to protect their bodies and eyes, as well as masks or respirators if necessary.

Encourage Everyone to Discuss Safety

Keeping an open line of communication is critical to a safe workplace. Company culture starts at the top. If employees are worried that their boss will be angry if they report unsafe conditions, they will be inclined to keep quiet, which may lead to accidents. Urge workers to report any conditions they believe are unsafe so you can take action. In meetings, thank employees for pointing out safety concerns and let everyone know what actions were taken to address those issues so that others will feel comfortable coming forward.

Order Supplies to Keep Your Employees Safe

Improving workplace safety requires strong leadership and open communication. Simple changes can be highly effective. Warning signs and protective equipment can go a long way toward reducing injuries.

1st Aid Supplies offers workplace safety signs, protective garments, safety glasses, respirators, and other types of personal protective equipment, as well as first aid kits so workers will be prepared to deal with any injuries that might occur.

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