Tips for Ensuring Hygiene and Sanitation during Emergencies 

 September 8, 2023

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When a natural disaster strikes, the number of casualties can be staggering. Many of the deaths associated with a hurricane, a tornado, an earthquake, or another type of disaster aren’t caused by the event itself. 

After a disaster, people often find themselves in chaotic situations without access to basic supplies and amenities that they usually take for granted. The water supply might be contaminated and unsafe to use for washing and bathing, toilets might not work properly, or people might be trapped in places where they can’t get to a bathroom.

If people don’t have access to clean water, soap, and toilets, wounds can get infected, and diseases can spread. That can make the aftermath of a natural disaster a particularly dangerous time, even for people who weren’t seriously injured when the event occurred. 

How to Prepare for an Emergency

When people put together disaster preparedness kits, they tend to focus on supplies such as first aid kits, flashlights, and nonperishable food. While those items are undoubtedly important, they aren’t the only things you might need in an emergency.

Think about how a disaster could affect infrastructure. Imagine a scenario in which you don’t have access to safe and clean water, soap, or a toilet, and think about how you could handle your basic hygiene and sanitation needs. 

Portable toilets, cleansing towelettes, and antimicrobial wipes can keep a bad situation from becoming even worse. With access to these simple supplies, you’ll be able to prevent the spread of disease and infection and make it easier for people to recover from a tragedy.

Order Hygiene and Sanitation Supplies

After a disaster, hygiene and sanitation are critically important. If the facilities and supplies that people ordinarily use are suddenly unavailable, having access to alternatives can mean the difference between life and death. 

Make sure that your home or business is stocked with supplies that people can use to manage their hygiene and sanitation needs during an emergency. Keep in mind that a disaster might leave you without clean water and toilets for several days, or even weeks. Plan accordingly so you won’t run out of supplies.

1st Aid Supplies sells a wide range of essentials that can keep your family or employees safe and healthy if a disaster strikes. We offer portable toilets, privacy shelters, toilet bags, toilet deodorant, cleansing wipes, tissues, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. Figure out what you will need to manage your basic hygiene and sanitation needs and stock up on those vital supplies today.

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