Tips for Choosing Workplace Hard Hats 

 February 7, 2022

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Hard hats can prevent serious head injuries and deaths. In some professions, such as construction, workers are required to wear hard hats whenever they are in areas where there is a danger of falling objects. Workers may also have to wear hard hats in places where they might bump their heads on exposed beams or other objects. 

Selecting the right hard hats for employees to wear on the job is more complicated than one might expect. Several factors have to be taken into consideration to select the right type of hard hat and to make sure that it fits an individual comfortably.

Consider the Type of Work Environment

The first step is to think about the risks that your employees are likely to face. Some hard hats are designed to provide protection if an object falls from above, while others can also protect workers from lateral blows to the head. Some hard hats are designed to protect workers who are exposed to electricity. Understanding the specific types of dangers your employees are likely to encounter can help you select hard hats that will offer the best protection.

Choose the Right Material

Hard hats are often made of plastic, but some are made with other materials, such as fiberglass. When selecting hard hats for your workers, think about the amount of protection they need, as well as which type of hard hat would be the most comfortable. Lightweight materials are more comfortable than heavier ones, but sometimes the risks that employees face make heavier hard hats necessary.

Some hard hats have extra features that make them more comfortable to wear. For example, some models are vented to help employees stay cool, while others have pads that are designed to keep sweat from dripping into workers’ eyes.

Select Hard Hats That Are Easy to Adjust

A hard hat that doesn’t fit properly can be a distraction, as well as a safety hazard. The hard hats that you choose for your employees should be easy to adjust. Some models have a pin-lock suspension that works much like the way a belt does. Other hard hats have a ratchet suspension that can be adjusted by turning a knob.

Order Hard Hats to Protect Your Employees

Keeping your workers safe should be a top priority. If your employees need to wear hard hats on the job, you can order what you need from 1st Aid Supplies. We offer hard hats, warning signs, and other forms of personal protective equipment that can be useful at your workplace. Order safety supplies today.

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