This Is Why OSHA Compliance Is Critical 

 August 5, 2020

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets standards that are designed to keep employees safe. Some are general guidelines, while others apply to specific industries. Complying with OSHA’s regulations can help you avoid a host of problems.

Preventing Accidents Can Save Your Company Money

Some businesses cut corners when it comes to training and safety compliance in an effort to save money, but that can backfire. If employees don’t know how to do their jobs safely or aren’t given the equipment they need to do so, they can get hurt. The costs associated with an accident can cost a company much more than it would have paid for training and protective equipment.

If you don’t comply with OSHA regulations and an employee gets injured on the job, he or she may be unable to work, either temporarily or permanently. Your company may have to pay for medical expenses, and the employee may file a personal injury lawsuit. The business may also have to pay fines for OSHA violations, as well as higher insurance premiums.

If an experienced employee is suddenly unable to work, your company’s productivity may suffer. You may not be able to fulfill orders as quickly as usual, or you may have to put an important project on hold.

The company may have to make changes to comply with OSHA regulations. That may mean that your business will have to shut down temporarily, which can affect your bottom line and your relationships with customers. Negative publicity related to an accident can also harm your company’s reputation.

Workers Who Feel Safe Are Happier and More Productive

If employees are worried about workplace accidents, they may have low morale, which can affect productivity. Following OSHA guidelines can send a signal that you respect and value your workers. That can improve morale and help you build loyalty among your staff.

Following safety regulations can make employees feel comfortable coming to work, since they will not be worried about getting hurt in an accident. Providing protective equipment can help employees do their jobs safely so they can be as productive as possible. Workers who are happy tend to be engaged and may offer creative ideas and solutions to problems. All of this can translate to better customer service, a positive company reputation, and higher profits.

Order Protective Equipment for Your Employees

Depending on the nature of your business, you may be required to provide your employees with personal protective equipment, such as glovesgoggles, and respirators. 1st Aid Supplies sells these and other types of PPE, in addition to first aid kits and cabinets with supplies that can be used to treat injuries that may occur in the workplace and help you comply with OSHA guidelines. Place an order today.

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