The Importance of First Aid in Schools 

 September 13, 2021

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School-age children get into all sorts of accidents. Some only lead to minor injuries and can be treated with a bandage, but others are more serious. Teachers, coaches, administrative staff, custodians, and other school employees can also get hurt on the job.

Employees who have received first aid training can provide critical care that can keep an injury or medical emergency from becoming worse. In some cases, prompt first aid can mean the difference between life and death.

Injuries and Medical Emergencies Are a Reality in Schools

No matter how many safety measures are in place, no matter how much teachers talk about and enforce the rules, and no matter how careful students are, accidents can and will happen. For example, a student can slip on a staircase and fall. That can result in a minor injury, such as a skinned knee, or a much more serious injury, such as a broken wrist. A fall can even result in life-threatening head trauma.

Work-related accidents, such as falls and burns, can happen at a school. A staff member can also experience a heart attack, a stroke, or complications related to an underlying medical condition.

Medical emergencies can happen anywhere in a school or on the grounds, and at any time. Since there is no way to predict when or where a student or faculty member may get injured, it’s in everyone’s best interest to train all employees in first aid and to provide critical supplies so any employee will be able to render aid when necessary.

Give Your Employees the First Aid Training and Supplies They Need

When someone is seriously injured or facing a life-threatening medical emergency, time is of the essence. It can take several moments for an ambulance to arrive, and even longer to transport a patient to a hospital. In some cases, a delay of just a few minutes can dramatically increase the risk of permanent disability or death.

Teachers and other school employees may encounter a wide range of situations while on the job. The more training they have, the better equipped they will be to handle those circumstances. Learning what to do and having opportunities to practice will help staff members stay calm and make the right decisions under stress.

School employees should have access to supplies that they will need to treat a wide range of common injuries. First aid kits or cabinets should be placed strategically throughout the school. They should contain essentials, such as bandages, compresses, gauze, antiseptic cream, hot and cold packs, and over-the-counter pain relievers.

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