Summer Vacation First Aid Kit Essentials 

 May 8, 2018

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With only two weeks to go for the official start of summer vacation season, people are already planning their trips, packing their swimsuits and picnic baskets and confirming travel plans. But don’t forget that even along these travels, there is possibility of injury and emergencies to occur.

Here are 3 tips for packing a summer travel first aid kit to stay protected even while you’re having fun.

Pack for the Occasion

Just as you’ll be packing outfits for the things that you’ll be doing on your trip – fancy clothes for dinners at night, a bathing suit for the beach, or boots for your hiking adventures, you’ll need to think about taking first aid supplies that will come in handy in the environments you’ll frequent. Sun screen where there will be extreme sun, insect repellent if you’re camping for example, or even bandages and wraps if you’ll be climbing and at risk for a sprain.

Carry Common Supplies

In addition to any supplies that are particular to your travel plans, it makes sense to carry common supplies in your kit to aid in even the smallest cuts and scrapes. As you build your kit, be sure to throw in plenty of band aids, anti-histamines for allergies, a general pain reliever for any illness as well as tweezers and antiseptic spray to keep things clean and sanitary.

Keep it Handy

You’re on vacation, the last thing you want to do is lug around an extra bag or box of stuff you may not even need to use. That’s why it’s critical to pack a kit of just the absolute essentials and keep it light and easy to take along, otherwise you may end up leaving it behind only to regret that decision.

Being extra cautious of your surroundings and remembering to take proper precautions against any dangers is important, but you are also there to get away and enjoy time away from work and home, so make the best memories you can.

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