Stop Workplace Slip and Fall Danger in Its Tracks 

 February 23, 2021

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Slip and fall accidents can lead to head, back, and neck injuries; broken bones; and other forms of serious harm. Employees who are hurt may be out of work temporarily or maybe permanently disabled. Slip and fall accidents can reduce productivity and can lead to expensive worker’s compensation claims, and sometimes even lawsuits. Fortunately, many slip and fall accidents can be prevented by taking simple precautions.

Identify and Eliminate Hazards

Wet and slippery floors can cause workers to fall. Cleaning up spills promptly, marking floors that have recently been mopped, and putting down mats on rainy and snowy days can protect employees from danger.

Debris, trash, electrical cords, and loose rugs can cause workers to trip, especially if they’re rushing or can’t see hazards. Requiring employees to keep their work areas free of clutter can prevent accidents.

Poor lighting is at the root of many slip and fall accidents. A worker walking through an area with inadequate lighting may not realize that the floor is wet or may not see something that has been dropped on the floor. Improving lighting can make it easier for employees to avoid dangers.

Slip and fall accidents often occur in parking lots and driveways and on outdoor walkways that were not adequately treated after a snow or ice storm. Plow or shovel snow and spread sand or salt on icy areas to keep workers safe.

Cracked pavement can cause workers to trip and fall. If pavement is damaged, block off the area until it can be repaired.

Loose or damaged stairs and railings can cause employees to lose their footing. Block off a dangerous area immediately or post a sign alerting workers to the danger. Have repairs made as soon as possible.

Teach Employees Safe Habits

Sometimes slip and fall accidents occur because of impatience or carelessness, and sometimes they happen because workers haven’t received the right training or don’t have appropriate equipment. Require employees to walk and exercise caution in potentially dangerous areas. Post signs to serve as reminders. Provide training that specifically addresses slip and fall hazards and ways to prevent accidents. If necessary, provide footwear with good traction or reimburse employees for the cost of safe footwear.

Encourage workers to report safety hazards so they can be addressed. Ask employees to raise concerns about potential dangers so they can be investigated further before someone gets hurt. Emphasize that your goal is to keep everyone safe, not to assign blame.

Order Supplies to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

1st Aid Supplies offers several tools that you can use at your workplace to protect employees from slip and fall accidents. We offer a variety of safety posters and signs that you can post to notify workers of hazards and to remind them of safety rules, as well as gloves and other supplies that can be used to clean up spills. Place an order today.

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