Stay Safe from Germs with These First Aid Kit Essentials 

 June 26, 2018

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The spread of germs is a serious problem when it comes to controlling flu epidemics and other airborne diseases. Learning how to remain sanitary in times of crisis can be the difference between life and death.

While one of the easiest ways to stop germs from spreading is washing one's hands frequently, it’s not the only way or always an option. Germ protection nonetheless is important. Be sure to include these items when building your first aid box to keep you and others protected.


Vinyl and latex gloves provide optimal protection for the hands of those who must come in contact with harmful conditions. Bacteria spread through bodily fluids is nothing to mess with. Use gloves as a critical barrier and throw them away immediately after use.


Germs are also easily passed through the air. From a sneeze to other airborne viruses entering the mouth, the best protection is the use of a surgical face mask to filter our particles and bacteria while still being able to breathe.  

Antiseptic Spray & Wipes

Since soap and water are key to preventing the spread of disease, having antiseptic wipes or sprays on hand can help quickly remove germs and bacteria from the hands in emergency situations. The spray can also be used to clean up wounds of dirt and debris before dressing them.

Gauze & Bandages

Covering wounds is important for anyone who is injured as these areas can easily become infected when bacteria enter. Keep your first aid cabinet stocked with various size bandages, gauze, and band-aids to cover cuts scrapes and larger wounds.

Antibacterial Sanitizer

When it's not possible to wash hands, having hand sanitizer available can help reduce the spread of viruses. Hand sanitizer can effectively kill most germs in a matter of seconds to help keep people healthy.

Biohazard Waste Bags

Blood and other potentially infectious materials or bodily fluids must be contained away from the public to prevent the spread of disease. With biohazard bags, you can easily dispose of infectious waste with care.

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