Should You Take a First Aid Kit Camping? 

 March 5, 2018

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Going camping can be a great retreat away from the busy life we live today overpowered by electronics and tight schedules. Especially rustic camping that includes undeveloped camping areas. Nothing beats connecting with nature and breathing fresh air out in the woods with family or friends.

Along with all of the benefits, there are also many risks with camping in a more traditional format including limited access to things we take for granted every day.

The best way to be prepared for possible accidents or injuries while camping is to pack a first aid kit. You can purchase kits already together and ready for use, or buy products individually and create your own first aid kit to include basic supplies or more survival necessities depending on your specific camping trip and needs. Either way, having supplies on hand will make dealing with injuries much more manageable should they occur.

With the start of camping season soon approaching, it’s wise to gather your first aid kit now so it’s ready to take along for the adventure. Here are some options to consider.

First Aid Products for the Skin

Being outside in wooded areas presents an issue from sun overexposure to mosquitoes and even tics. Be sure to pack sufficient sunblock protection as well as bug spray rated to prevent you from illness. Packing poison ivy itch relief and hand sanitizer is also wise to maintain cleanliness and treat skin discomfort should a reaction to ivy and other plants occur.

Adhesive Bandages & Dressings

If you’ll be spending some of your camping trip walking trails or wandering the area in search of fire wood, there is a chance someone could trip, fall and sprain their ankle, or brush up against a branch and get scratched. The best way to keep cuts clean and covered is to have first aid tools on hand. Pack regular adhesive bandages as well as wraps and dressings to address various injury types.

Topical Ointments, Sprays & Creams

Bringing along supplies to clean wounds and prevent infection is critical. Antiseptics that include Isopropyl alcohol will clean around wounds sufficiently while first aid creams can treat minor cuts, and insect bites.

While you should certainly go camping prepared and cautious of your surroundings, nothing beats the reassurance that comes along with carrying a first aid kit. At 1stAidSupplies.com we carry a full selection supplies and first aid kit refill as well as fully-stocked first aid kits, boxes, and wall-mount cabinets.

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