Flying Debris, sparks, harmful UV rays and many other elements can damage one of your most important assets your eyes. Having the right eye protection is critical if you work in wood shops, as a welder and many other hazardous places that can impair your vision if not wearing the proper eyewear. In our large line of safety products we have a full line of safety glasses and goggles to choose from with many well known brand names available. Choose from our large selection below for the type that is right for you and your employees.

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Chemical Splash Goggle

Provide eye protection for chemical splashes with these high-quality, economical splash safety goggles. Vented for comfort.

Safety Goggles

Safety goggle can be easily worn over prescription glasses and with most half-mask respirators #CR2400

Ratchet Take-up Headgear & Faceshield Combo Pack

Ratchet take-up headgear, faceshield, does not require use of a hard hat

Tomahawk – Yellow Lens

Tomahawk from Crews, durable safety glass, lightweight frame, replacement yellow colored lenses are available

Tomahawk – Dark Lens

Tomahawk from Crews, durable safety glass, lightweight frame, replacement lenses are available

Hornets Safety Glasses

Hornets Safety Glasses
Black Frame/Clear lens

Desperado – Fire Lens

Desperado fire lens with stylish matte finish frame, comes with dynamic contoured lens #CRDS14R

Astro OTG

These premium UVEX safety glasses fit comfortably over employees prescription lenses, with polycarbonate lenses and protective side shields.

Radians G4 OTG Safety Glasses

The Radians G4 OTG safety glasses have a one piece lens design that offers integral side shields and extended brow

Radians Mirage Safety Glasses

Radians Mirage Safety Glasses offers a sleek design which allows for a perfect fit for both men and women, ensuring

Radians Thraxus Safety Glasses

With the latest technologies, materials, and processes, THRAXUS by Radians is the next generation of highly protective, ultra-comfortable and super