Dealing with emergency situations in confined spaces can lead to a numbe of dangerous conditions. Suffacation by unbreathable gasses, not having an adequate oxygen supply and being trapped can cause a number of injuries and hazardous conditions which can be potentially life threatening. At 1st Aid Supplies we offer several important pieces of confined space equipment including confined space entry systems and axial blowers that can help people trapped in confined spaces maintain until resuce teams can arrive. Confined spaces can easily lead to claustrophobia and then panic which can have serious consequences for a person under duress.

Confined spaces include tunnels, wells, tanks, vaults, silos and other areas that are closed in and don’t offer easy and immediate exits. When an emergency situation occurs in a confined space it can be a life threatening situation and it is important for your company to have emergency supplies designed especially for confined spaces so you can provide necessary first response until professional help arrives.

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Lynx Tripod Confined Space Entry Kit

Anchorage connector, used for confined space applications, can be setup and dismantled without the use of tools #1023966

AC Axial Blower w/Canister

Workplace safety ventilation system that includes blower, canister and 15 feet of ducting. Also available with a 12 volt DC motor.