In any first aid kit it is important to carry all of the essentials. Within this category you will find medical tapes and ace-type bandages in a variety of types to choose from. Our medical tapes are made from flexible elastic type materials that allow you to tape body parts that bend, allowing flexibility for a freshly dressed wound. Medical tapes are available in different brands and some offer waterproof features.

All tapes offer adhesives for easy wrapping of a wound. The common brands we stock for medical tapes are Elastikon flexible elastic tape, Ban-Tex non adhesive protective wrap, standard 1/2 inch and one inch waterproof adhesive tape, Tri-Cut adhesive medical tape (Cloth Tape) that is chemical, water and perspiration resistant. Other bandage products in this category include Medi Rip bandages with easy to tear features and Ace-Type bandages for support of strains and sprains. All of the medical supplies in this category are in stock and ready to ship.

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3M Durapore Surgical Tape, 1″ wide

3M Durapore Surgical Tape is a "silk-like" cloth tape with a latex-free, hypoallergenic adhesive that offers high strength and adhesion. 081538

Ace-Type Wrap

Cost-effective rubber reinforced cotton, available in a variety of sizes, can be reused

Adhesive Tape

waterproof adhesive tape, easy-to-tear, available in variety of sizes

Adhesive Triple-Cut Tape

A must-have for any first aid kit, this cloth medical tape is water, chemical, and perspiration resistant. 3 widths, 5 yards each: ½”, 5/8”, & 7/8”.

Bantex Protective Wrap

Protects hands and fingers from industrial hazards while maximizing dexterity. Non-adhesive, wear-resistant cohesive gauze.

Elastikon Type Tape

Elastikon, flexible elastic tape #080200


Sensi-Wrap is an easy to apply bandage, self-adherent, and capable of supporting strains and sprains