At 1st Aid Supplies we offer high quality medical instruments for first aid emergencies that feature an entire line of first aid supplies that will enhance your ability to provide first response to accident victims. Choose from stainless steel and polished medical scissors and bandage scissors to help when cutting bandages and gauze. You’ll also find handy medical instruments including thermometers, stethoscopes and forceps.

We also carry high quality tweezers and splinter probes to aid in removing small wood and metal objects under the skin. We also feature a kit called Splinter Out which is a one-time kit that is sterile and safe to use. Other medical instruments in our online inventory include thermometers, stethoscopes, CPR with belt clip and other important first aid products for your home, office or school medical supply cabinet. We offer many new products in our first aid catalog so be sure to visit us again for the latest in first aid supplies.

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