Eye protection is critical in work environments that have floating particles, sparks, and anything else that can disrupt vision due to irritants. Our online first aid supply store offers many great eye care products to help aid in promoting a safe work place. Protect your employees and company visitors with the products listed above that are essential where people are more prone to come in contact with skin and eye irritants.

Check out our great selection of eye wash stations available with different applications to suit the exact needs of your business. Our eye washing stations are available and ready to ship nationwide. We also have a wide variety of eye wash & skin flushing solutions, lens cleaning stations, protective glasses & visitor specs, water treatment additives and many other eye care products. Make the right decision for your company with eyecare from 1staidsupplies.com – a leader in first aid supplies.

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4oz. Eye Wash

Sterile, buffered isotonic solution #130423 Salinex for eye wash stations.

8oz. Eye Wash

For first aid and personal use #130823

Emergency Eye & Skin Flushing Station

Eye and skin flushing station holds 16-ounce bottles of buffered isotonic solution to flush foreign material #019020

Equip Wipe: Premoistened, Lint-Free Personal Equipment Cleaning Towelettes

Equip Wipe personal equipment sanitary wipes that are pre-moistened and lint free for a smooth and clean wipe. #052010

Eye & Skin Buffered Flushing Solution

A buffered isotonic solution used to help eliminate contaminants and flush away the foreign material

Eye and Skin Flushing Stations

eye and skin flushing station holds 16-ounce bottles, available in closed metal cabinet or open elastic or metal unit, wall mountable

Eye cups

used in eye first aid applications #131600

Eye Dressing Packet

Sterilized gauze covered eye pads, adhesive strips 1/2" x 5", 4 pads #181420

Eye Drops

Quick, soothing relief from minor eye irritations, helps lubricate eyes #130223

Eye Wash 16oz.

Designed for controlled rate of flow #130833

Eye Wash 32oz.

Sterile isotonic eyesaline, 32 fl. oz. for flushing or irrigating the eyes to remove loose foreign material, air pollutants, or chlorinated water #132900

Eye Wash, 15ml.

Preservative-free, OcuFresh eye shower, single-use vial #130007