Natural disasters are sudden and often cause severe damage to homes and apartments. In the event an earthquake, hurricane, flood or other natural disaster wrecks your home be prepared with emergency shelters, tents and tarps to provide immediate coverage from foul weather and cold. Rescue teams try to respond to disasters as quickly as possible but if the damage is widespread you may be waiting hours and even days for assistance. During this interim period it is imperative that you protect yourself and your family should foul weather or extreme cold follow a disaster.

Believe it or not most casualties occur after the disaster has passed due to germs, bacteria and lack of shelter from rain and low temperatures. We carry a tremendous stock of blue poly tarps, privacy shelters, Mylar sleeping bags and blankets and tube tents to provide immediate and basic shelter following a natural disaster. Staying dry and warm is extremely important when your home has been wrecked and even a basic poly tarp cover can make a huge difference in keeping you and your family protected from foul weather.

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Privacy Shelter

Heavy duty waterproof polyethylene privacy shelters with clear PVC roof for use when camping, hiking and other outdoor activities.