Lighting equipment and communications supplies used during emergencies and/or disaster situations can save lives. Many natural disasters including earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes can leave victims in the dark, literally. Often power lines and grids are severely damaged during natural disasters and it can take days and even weeks before power is restored.

During the hectic few hours immediately following a disaster it is important to have reliable lighting and communication products on hand to safely navigate out of harms way and to let rescue teams know your location. We carry a tremendous selection of emergency lighting and communication products to stabilize your situation and get word out that you need help. Any emergency kit needs to have supplies that will provide light when it is dark and keep up contact with news and rescue teams.

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Flashlight – 2D Cell Economy

2D cell flashlight, batteries not included

Flashlight – 8-LED Emergency Auto w/ Glass Punch & Seatbelt Cutter

include glass punch & seat belt cutter, free carrying case and 3 AAA batteries

Flashlight – Yellow 2D-cell Industrial with Krypton Bulb

Yellow 2D-cell Industrial Flashlight with Krypton Bulb, heavy-duty.

Lightstick 6″ Green, Pack of 10

Snaplight is a one-time use light source for a safe, practical light source. 10 lightsticks per pack.

AAA Rocket Ultra Green Dry Battery

AAA rocket ultra green dry battery.

Flashlight – Hand Crank with AM/FM Radio and Emergency Siren

Crank flashlight with radio, adopted circulation design, mechanical equipment, high luminance bulb. #350226

Flashlight – 28-LED Non-Rolling Blue Aluminum Body

28 LED Non Rolling Design Aluminum Body Flashlight with Pouch. Requires 3AAA Batteries (Batteries Included)


megaphone rugged ABS construction, pistol grip, talk switch, music switch, siren switch

Waterproof Matches

These waterproof matches give you the ability to start life-saving fires in survival and emergency situations. Approximately 50 matches per box.

Whistle – Storm (World’s Loudest Whistle)

Storm Whistle.
The world's loudest whistle.

Whistle, 5 in 1

Disaster and safety supplies, 5 in 1 whistle

Whistle, Metal with Lanyard

Whistle, metal with string