Sanitation Supplies Are Critical after Natural Disasters 

 August 24, 2016

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Louisiana was ravaged by flooding recently that resulted in over a dozen deaths, damaged more than 60,000 homes, and caused over 100,000 residents to request assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. First responders, government officials, and community organizations are struggling to clean up and get people access to shelter, food, and emergency supplies so they can recover and get back to some semblance of normalcy.

Diseases Can Spread Following Natural Disasters

In the aftermath of a disaster such as a flood, sanitation is critical. Diseases can spread when homes are damaged and streets are filled with standing water. People may be so focused on helping others and finding shelter that they are unable to keep themselves clean and dry, and infections can easily be transmitted.

Having hygiene supplies available after a flood or another type of natural disaster can help keep people healthy while they recover and rebuild their lives. Toilets and showers can help people maintain personal hygiene and feel a little better as they deal with the cleanup.

Sanitation Equipment from 1st Aid Supplies

1st Aid Supplies offers a variety of hygiene supplies that can be useful after natural disasters like the flooding in Louisiana. We have a selection of portable toilets and replacement toilet bags, Bio-Blue toilet deodorant, cleansing towelettes, antimicrobial wipes, tissue packs, and privacy shelters. Keeping clean can help victims of natural disasters stay healthy and give them a little comfort as they work on finding shelter and getting their homes repaired.

Order Hygiene and Sanitation Supplies to Be Prepared for a Natural Disaster

Hygiene and sanitation are essential after a natural disaster. When flooding or another type of disaster occurs, streets and homes can quickly become contaminated with bacteria and viruses that can easily be spread to people and can result in widespread illnesses. Providing sanitation supplies can prevent many of these illnesses and keep people safe and healthy so they can focus on rebuilding their lives. 1st Aid Supplies has a line of sanitation products that can provide comfort and protection to victims of natural disasters. Order hygiene supplies from 1st Aid Supplies today.


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