Safety Glasses and Goggles Can Prevent Eye Injuries on the Job 

 July 6, 2016

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Eye injuries are common at workplaces across the United States. Workers can be exposed to flying debris, chemicals, and biological materials that can cause injuries or illness. Employees can be splashed in the eyes with hot grease or water, or their eyes can be burned by steam. Radiation from welding or lasers can also lead to eye injuries.

Some industries carry a greater risk of eye injuries than others. Workers are most likely to suffer on-the-job eye injuries if they work in construction, manufacturing, mining, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, welding, maintenance, or automotive jobs.

Protective Equipment Can Prevent Eye Injuries

Workers who suffer eye injuries on the job are usually hurt because either they are not wearing eye protection, or they are wearing the wrong type. According to a survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost 60 percent of workers with eye injuries were not wearing eye protection, often because they did not believe it was necessary.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires workers to wear eye and face protection if there is a reasonable chance of injury that could be prevented by wearing the equipment. This can include goggles, safety glasses, face shields, and other protective equipment. The specific type of eye protection that should be worn depends on the hazard, type of exposure risk, and other protective equipment that is being worn.

Choosing the Appropriate Type of Protective Equipment

The type of eye protection that is appropriate for a situation depends on the type of risk involved. If there is a chance of flying particles, objects, or dust getting in the eyes, safety glasses with side shields should be worn. Goggles should be worn when working with chemicals. When employees are working with radiation, such as welding or using lasers, they should wear special-purpose safety glasses, goggles, helmets, or face shields.

Order Eye Protection from 1st Aid Supplies

If you run a business where employees are exposed to hazards that can cause eye injuries, you should provide them with the appropriate protective equipment. 1st Aid Supplies carries a line of glasses, goggles, and face shields that can keep employees safe. Order the protective equipment your employees need today.


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