Roadwork Safety and Important Workplace Gear 

 April 28, 2022

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Construction workers face a series of risks on the job. Crews who work on roads can be exposed to flying or falling debris, hazardous dust, and other dangers on a regular basis. Motorists might not see workers or might not slow down or change lanes when required. These risks can be compounded if road work is being done at night. 

If you’re in charge of road construction, you have a duty to provide safety supplies and to take other precautions to keep your workers safe. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to workers who face on-the-job hazards. It’s also in your company’s best interest to keep employees safe because that can help you avoid delays, sick days, and costly worker’s compensation claims.

Provide Personal Protective Equipment to Construction Workers

Employees should be given personal protective equipment, such as hard hats, safety glasses or goggles, hearing protection, and masks or respirators, to protect them from dangers they can encounter on the job. Ergonomic tools can help workers who perform repetitive tasks avoid getting injured.

Safety signs are also crucial at road construction sites. Workers have to be aware of dangerous conditions, such as the risk of falling or flying debris, and they need to know when and where they should wear PPE. 

Motorists have to be made aware of changes to normal traffic patterns so they can respond accordingly. For example, if drivers need to change lanes, signs should be posted before vehicles reach the construction zone so drivers will have an opportunity to merge into another lane without colliding with another vehicle or holding up traffic unnecessarily.

Make Sure Your Construction Crew Has Access to First Aid Supplies

Any workplace should have at least one first aid kit that contains supplies that can be used to treat cuts, burns, scrapes, and other common injuries. Providing first aid supplies is particularly important in a field such as construction, where workers are exposed to hazardous conditions on a daily basis and where the risk of serious injuries is always present. 

Depending on the size of the work zone, you might need to have multiple first aid kits available. They should be kept in locations where workers can access them at a moment’s notice, and employees should be provided with basic first aid training so they will know what to do if someone gets injured.

Order PPE and First Aid Kits

1st Aid Supplies offers a range of personal protective equipment, workplace safety signs, and first aid kits in a variety of sizes. Assess the risks that your employees face when working in a construction zone and order necessary supplies today.

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