Respirators Can Protect Your Employees from Airborne Contaminants 

 March 29, 2017

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In some occupations, workers may be exposed to airborne contaminants that could potentially cause difficulty breathing and damage to their lungs. Employees may be exposed to dust, smoke, fog, fumes, or other hazards on the job. Exposure to these contaminants can have a range of consequences, including lung irritation, cancer, and even death. 

OSHA Requires Respirators in Some Cases to Protect Workers

When workers are exposed to airborne contaminants on the job, employers are required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to provide protective equipment. In some cases, respirators may be required to protect employees from airborne contaminants. A respirator is necessary when toxic substances are present in a workplace and it is not possible to adequately reduce or eliminate them through other means to make the air safe to breathe. 

OSHA requires employers to establish a respiratory protection program when respirators are necessary for employees’ safety. Employers must supply respirators that are appropriate for the particular hazards employees may encounter on the job.

Types of Respirators 

A respirator can cover just the nose and mouth or the entire face. Some respirators fit tightly over all or part of the face, while others are loose, such as hoods or helmets that cover the entire head. 

Respirators fall into two general categories. Air-purifying respirators remove contaminants from the air. Atmosphere-supplying respirators provide clean air from an uncontaminated source and are used in more hazardous conditions. Some atmosphere-supplying respirators can be used in environments that lack sufficient oxygen. 

Order Respirators to Protect Your Employees from Illness Caused by Airborne Contaminants

If your employees work in environments where they may be exposed to airborne contaminants, you need to provide protective equipment to prevent long-term health problems that could arise. 1st Aid Supplies carries both full and half mask respirators that can protect your employees from illness. Order respirators today to protect your employees from exposure to airborne contaminants on the job.

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