Resolve to be Safer in the New Year 

 January 7, 2019

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With New Year’s resolutions now in full swing, you might be thinking about the ways you can improve operations at your company or how your office culture can be enhanced with some new training and safety support added to the mix. We’re here to tell you that that’s exactly what you need for the New Year to promote a happy and lively workplace.

Here are our top tips to help you meet those resolutions this year and increase safety in 2019.

Take New Inventory / Refresh Rules

With all of the busy happenings all year long it can be easy to put off things like updating processes whenever a new rule is passed. Now’s the perfect time to improve how your company is prepared for a disaster by taking inventory of potential hazards present in the workplace and refreshing handbooks and protocols so that everyone is protected.

Have someone take a walk around the job site and look for things like tripping hazards, electrical problems, fire potentials and more. Create a list of these problems and work to create fixes (like a first aid cabinet) as a solution for any potential issues.

Clean / Declutter / Inspect

The New Year also brings with it a desire to clean up messy spaces and refresh what’s old. That means taking the time to thoroughly have your worksite inspected and maintained. Be sure all appliances and equipment are tuned up and safe. Have your fire extinguisher checked and replace batteries in all smoke alarms. Doing this will free up space and also lessen potential risks.

Provide a Safety Culture Everyone Feels Safe In

One of the best ways to create a workplace everyone feels safe at, is to create an open dialogue with the team about safety rules, why their important and provide training so that everyone on staff is equipped with tools to navigate an emergency situation with confidence.

Stay safe and have a happy New Year!

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