Reminding Your Workforce About Obvious Safety Hazards 

 January 13, 2020

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Workplace safety is an important topic that we cover extensively here on the blog. From consistently training staff to offering refresher courses that meet all required safety compliances – there is always an opportunity for you to do better to protect your workers and your business reputation.

While new regulations may be introduced or recent hires may require training on all the basics of your workplace, there is another type of safety we think deserves its own blog post to remind you about. That is training workers – new and old- on some of the very obvious safety hazards that exist on the job.

We tend to glaze over things we think are common sense, universally known or obvious. However, when it comes to being safe, you can never be too sure. It’s important to also train your staff on those obvious points in the safety rules. Things like wearing the right eye protection, or why you should never walk out onto the construction site without a hard hat that fits properly and is securely covering the head.

Head and eye injuries are both very common and stopping them from happening may take more than just stating the obvious. Consider, for example, the worker with longer hair or a hairstyle that prevents the protective hat from sitting properly on the head enough to cover it in an accident. The same for eyeglasses. You would use open-sided goggles when there are dangers for a chemical splash in the work area. But simply stating “use your goggles” isn’t enough.

Detailed safety rules and instructions should be in place and distributed to all personnel. They should also include very specific directions and steps to preventing injury and consequences for failing to abide by the safety requirements.

Finally, if the responsibility falls on the business to supply the safety gear for workers it is your job to ensure that you are ordering enough supplies and right fitting safety gear.

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