Protective Equipment: Why Choosing the Right Eyewear is Critical 

 September 25, 2017

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Protective eyewear is critical for hazardous workplaces. Flying debris can easily cause damage to the eyes, or worse, impair vision totally. For workplaces, the potential for medical costs, fines and lost production time are also detrimental.

Don’t put your business or your employees at risk, get the right eyewear on site and be sure everyone uses it. Here are a few hazards to the eyes and how they can be resolved with the right safety glasses.


Debris both large and small can potentially shoot across a room at any time. In industries where cutting, grinding or hammering away at materials like glass, wood or metal occurs, the chances of shrapnel, shards or slivers making their way into the air and into someone’s eye is greatly increased.

Since this is the most common type of eye injury in the workplace, it’s the one to pay most attention too. Especially since these objects are typically very small and hard to see and can cause the most damage — including total loss of vision.

Consider protective glasses that have shields above and around the eyes and that fit snuggly on the users face, or a lightweight wrap around style for short term exposure situations such a visitors walking through your shop floor.


Chemicals are a risk to the eyes as much as they are to other areas of the body. A simple splash back from a chemical can do sufficient damage and require immediate first aid attention. The protective eyewear used in these workplaces should guard the eyes from below, above and around the sides of the face where a splash can enter.

In these conditions, you may want to consider a goggle with ventilation. If the glasses are comfortable to wear and breathable, you’ll improve the chances employees keeping the eyewear on and dangerous chemicals out.


Burns are a great concern for welders who are exposed to harmful light rays throughout the day. Depending on the type of welding work being done and how perfect the welds must be, there may be dark lens options or mandatory helmet requirements.

Understanding what your workers need to perform the job is an important factor when considering which eyewear to select. In addition to compliance and regulatory standards, you should select eyewear that is comfortable (even for those who already wear eyeglasses) while still offering protection.

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