Protecting Your Workplace from Bloodborne Pathogens 

 January 13, 2023

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Doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, and first responders come into contact with patient’s blood on a daily basis. That blood may or may not be contaminated with pathogens. To prevent transmission, employees must follow a set of strict protocols to avoid contact with blood that may or may not be infected.

Employers have a duty to provide the types of equipment that are necessary to protect workers from exposure to bloodborne pathogens. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration enforces a set of guidelines that businesses must follow. 

Supplies You Need to Protect Your Employees

For any business where workers can come into contact with blood, certain types of supplies must be readily available at all times. For example, if employees work in a clinical setting where they draw or handle blood or treat injuries, they must wear gloves when they treat a patient or when they are in a situation where they might come into contact with blood. 

Depending on the types of tasks that your employees perform and the risks that they face, your workplace might need other first aid supplies, at least in certain areas. For example, surgeons and support staff who work in operating rooms need to wear masks or face shields, as well as gowns or aprons, to prevent exposure to bloodborne pathogens when operating on patients. In some cases, workers might also have to wear protective eyewear, such as goggles or glasses, to protect them from exposure to blood. 

When employees use needles to draw blood from patients or to administer injections, they need a safe place to discard needles and prevent accidental needle sticks. Rooms, where needles are routinely used, should have biohazard disposal containers. Your workplace should also have biohazard bags where employees can safely dispose of personal protective equipment after use. 

Protect Your Team from Bloodborne Pathogens

1st Aid Supplies sells the types of personal protective equipment and other supplies that your workplace needs to prevent exposure to bloodborne pathogens. We offer gloves in assorted sizes, as well as gowns, face masks, protective eyewear, and other supplies that can shield workers from the blood that might be contaminated. In addition, we sell biohazard containers and bags where workers can safely dispose of used needles and personal protective equipment. Make sure that your workplace has these essential supplies readily available and that you have sufficient quantities in stock at all times. 1st Aid Supplies has the equipment you need to protect your employees from bloodborne pathogens. Place an order today.

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