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Flashlight – Hand Crank with AM/FM Radio and Emergency Siren


Crank flashlight with radio, adopted circulation design, mechanical equipment, high luminance bulb. #350226

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A super bright 5 LED flashlight with a high quality AM/FM radio is a great companion for anyone who might be left in the dark. Take it with you, in the car or in your pocket. It is a perfect emergency gadget that you need in any situation.

It is built with a siren in the radio , at an emergency situation, this siren may save your life and call the attention of rescuers to your location…

The radio is built with rechargeable batteries, you can charge it by cranking the generator, a high quality AC generator; or you can use an AC adaptor to charge it (the adaptor is not included, but the plug-in jack is there). It can also be used to charge your cellphone.( The tips are not included).

AM: 526.50 KHz- 1610KHz
FM: 87 MHz- 108 MHz
Sensitivity: FM<20 uV
Selectivity > 20dB
Input Jack: 5V Jack to charge the batteries
Output Jack: 6V jack to output the power to charge cellphones

LED Light: 5 Pieces
Light Control: 1 LED or 5 LED.

Radio Box: 17.5X7X7 CM ( 6 3/4″ X2 2/3″ X2 2/3″)
Radio size: ? 5 X 16 CM (2″ X 6 1/3″)

#350226 AM/FM Radio/Flashlight with Crank

Weight1.6 oz
Dimensions9.3 × 2.75 × 2.5 in


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