Preparing Your Home for Disasters 

 April 24, 2018

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They say no one is every truly ready. That's a pretty spot on statement. The general nature of an emergency after all, is that happens at the most unexpected time. The problem is further compounded when people are unprepared for those situations. Failure to predict possible dangers or to know basic survival and first aid skills can make a trying situation that more difficult to endure.

In our own homes, where safety is a priority, it’s important to be well prepared for potential disasters and have a plan in place that everyone in the family is confident and well-rehearsed in.

Here are some tips for preparing your home for disasters.

Understanding the Possibility of Catastrophes

Most people will admit that if there isn’t an immediate or direct danger to them, they aren’t thinking of the possibilities for a catastrophe or how to plan in advance for it. If you live in California, earthquakes and wildfires are on your radar much more than someone living in Connecticut who may have much less frequent encounters with these natural disasters. Still, the threat shouldn’t be taken lightly. Urgency is a must and understanding that no one is safe will make it easier to get a plan in place that could save valuable lives.

Have a Preparedness Plan

Putting together a plan for when disasters strike is key. That includes details on where to go if there is a fire, who to call if family is separated, and access to important documents in the event that they cannot be retrieved. These details as well as practicing how they will play out can keep your family confident even during emergency situations.

Review First Aid Skills and Tools

Not only is it important that your family know where first aid kits are located and what supplies are needed for certain injuries, but you should spend some time getting the family comfortable with delivering medical treatment using those supplies.

Pack important supplies like bandages, gauze, antibiotics and the such. You can also purchase first aid kits that come prefilled and ready to go. 

1st Aid Supplies carries everything you need to keep your first aid kit fully stocked. From bandages, antiseptics, dressings, medical instruments, OTC medications, CPR products, and even fully-stocked first aid kits and wall-mount cabinets.

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