Preparing for a Workplace Accident 

 May 22, 2018

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Preventing accidents in the workplace is something many businesses focus on each year as they implement training and purchase first aid cabinets for their premises. Unfortunately there is no way to prevent or predict an accident and when it will occur. The best defense is to be prepared in advance with proper skills, procedures and tools to handle the situations should they arise.

Here are some basic tips for handling workplace accidents.

Survey Your Workplace Conditions

Understanding what risks are present at your workplace is important for creating and effective emergency response plan. The possibility of bodily injury is higher in construction and industries where workers are using physical force and operating heavy machinery versus a possible choking or fall injury that may occur more often in an indoor office or retail setting. Taking the time to understand the various job functions and injury possibilities is a great place to start. Look into history of past injuries at the site and incidents as well to create a plan for future prevention.

Get Proper Training and Certifications

Being safe at work isn’t just important, it’s also the law. Be sure you are up to code with all training and compliance requirements for your industry and check with OSHA for any additional training and certifications that must be completed, including how often and be sure to work them into you plan. Basic skills such as CPR and knowledge on how to stop bleeding or be the first on scene at a large scale incident can go a long way in keeping workers safe and your business from hefty fines.


Stock First Aid Supplies

Nothing will keep you more prepared to respond in an emergency than a fully stocked first aid cabinet. Supplies like bandages, gauze ointment and OTC medicines are only a small part of what cabinets can include. Additional supplies like personal protection gear (i.e. safety goggles, hard hats and more) should also be purchased to remain compliant and protect workers.

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