Prepare Your Workplace for Hurricanes in 2019 

 April 18, 2019

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Businesses that prepare for emergencies and disasters in advance will find that there is much less frenzy and preventable issues that occur in times of need. The best way to stay prepared is to understand the factors your business is most at risk of as well as the potential for natural disasters to come along and what can be done in advance of those.

Hurricanes have been seen increasingly hitting parts of the U.S. with force each year. With the amount of damage, downtime and business risk the present, it’s important that all industries pay attention and be prepared for what these storms can bring.

No tropical cyclones have presently been detected by the National Hurricane Center however the threat still looms. From violent winds of 75mph to cyclones, this low-pressure weather system runs from June through the end of November for most regions and presents risks to people located all across the nation.

Even the western side of the map, like California, and in particular southern California, has seen an increase in activity with Hurricanes Fabio, Rosa, and Sergio causing damage over the last year.

The second week of May is National Hurricane Preparedness Week and the perfect opportunity to brush up on first aid skills, check that all supplies are in place if the emergency medical response is needed and more importantly, serves as a reminder that the potential for disaster is always around and staying prepared is the best defense.

This year, from May 5-11 take time to review your company’s safety procedures, go over disaster preparedness training and check that your first aid cabinets are fully stocked.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor and OSHA, employers must have emergency action plans in place for hurricanes. This includes plans for all employees to evacuate safely, what procedures each employee should be responsible for if the rescue or other medical duties are needed on premises and have their plans explained orally as well as a written version for all to access.

Get your business prepared. 

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