PPE Equipment: Protective Footwear Improves Employee Safety 

 September 6, 2018

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Protecting employees while on the job is a requirement for workforces across the country. Not only keeping a safe environment for them to come to each day, but also providing necessary protections and equipment to shield them from harm. This is especially true in industries that handle dangerous materials such as toxic and caustic chemicals or those where heavy machinery and dangerous machinery is being used.

While hard hats, goggles, and gloves are great forms of protection there is also a need to protect employees from foot and leg injuries which are quite common.

According to OSHA, all safety footwear required for these facilities must meet ANSI minimum compression and impact performance standards and be ANSI-approved with a protective toe. Other options such as toe guards, leggings (for protection from welding sparks) and metatarsal or shin guards or over shoe and shoe cover protection are all common choices in footwear protection for the workforce.

In addition, there is a requirement that all safety footwear be inspected prior to use and they should be cleaned and maintained to prevent trips, falls and electrical hazards.

In industries where workers may not necessarily be interacting with dangerous materials but must be on their feet for many hours throughout the day, foot injuries can also occur. Shoes that include anti-fatigue insoles to support and redistribute pressure are as important as keeping flooring clear of debris and trip hazards.

How do you get employees to follow suit?

As the employer with a financial responsibility to keep workers safe, it’s important to implement rules on the use of PPE requirements and to offer mandatory safety training that helps employees realize just how many dangers are present.

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