Personal Protective Equipment Market on the Rise 

 May 14, 2018

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Protecting workers from unsafe conditions is an important component at any job site. Whether the working conditions involve sitting in an office at a desk, or especially when operating heavy machinery at a busy construction site.

Safety is a top priority not only to prevent catastrophes and harm but a law in many settings. Lack of the proper protections will lead to accidental injuries oftentimes. Even when given the right protections, failure to have a plan and enforce use of them can also lead to injuries.

Luckily today, many businesses understand how important providing safety gear, offering proper training and having rules in place for their use is to business. As a result the market is heating up for personal protective equipment. Ranging from ear plugs to safety googles and hard hats – there are many options for delivering adequate protection dependent on the job being performed.

According to the latest study from Hexa Research, the market for personal protective equipment is expected to reach $55.6B globally by 2028. This rising rate is directly attributed to the amount of employers who now understand the seriousness of employee health and safety at work.

In a bid to minimize occupational fatalities these workplaces are turning to technological innovations and new protective gear options. In Europe and North America, which had the largest market share, strict standards from OSHA and other industries moved the market ahead.

The recent uptick in industrialization in emerging economies such as China, India, and Brazil will also contribute to increasing market share for PPE.

Both manufacturing and construction are playing a key role in growth while industries like oil & gas, automotive and refining are also seeking better protective clothing while on the job.

Hard hats capable of withstanding significant blows to the top of the head as well as ear muffs that block out dangerous sound levels and face shields to protect the eyes and mouth are critical pieces of equipment needed on the jobs.

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